Campaign Tools

The key to successful statewide campaigns on violence prevention is a targeted approach with a range of tools and tactics. In addition to compelling ads and researched reports, we customized materials to reach major stakeholders: the voting public, the media, policymakers, and the youth and families in the communities most impacted by violence. Through research-based messaging, the campaign created a variety of tools, including kits that engaged community leaders, statewide polling reports, and a violence prevention scorecard holding California’s largest counties accountable on key indicators. The following materials were used throughout these campaigns. Visit the gun violence prevention tools and youth violence prevention tools pages to see a selection of tools used for these campaigns.

Youth & Community Engagement

Do We Have to Draw a Picture for Them?
A tool kit distributed to youth organizations and schools to engage youth in advocating for policies on gun violence prevention. Youth were encouraged to write letters to local newspapers and candidates for elected office as well as circulate petitions. Thousands of youth participated and went on to join the campaign in press conferences and legislative hearings.

Youth Survey How-To
A tool kit outlining the steps to engaging youth to survey their peers and make the case for investments in prevention programs to reduce violence. Youth surveys were conducted in communities across the state, reported on in regional forums convened by the campaigns and received wide spread coverage by the media.

PSA Organizing Kit
This “how-to” kit was sent to community organizations to encourage them to contact their local television stations to air the “Concealed Carry is Crazy” PSA, and the “Neighborhood Gun Dealer” PSA in English and in Spanish.  This tactic was developed to augment the paid media buy for these ads as well as to encourage community leaders to support the passage of local ordinances to prevent gun violence.

Public Education

Network Action Kit
“It’s never too late…to help.” A 1996 Network Action Kit used to inform the public about changing public policy.

First Aid for What’s Killing Our Kids
When the public viewed the Gun Violence Prevention Ads they were encouraged to call a toll free number and then sent this toolkit to give them tools to  advocate for gun violence prevention policies.  Thousands of people responded to the ads and sent in postcards to their policymakers.

Just the Facts: Factsheets were distributed to policymakers and the media and included in tool kits and materials provided to community leaders outlining key facts and policies to keep youth safe.
Fact Sheet #1 – Preventing Handgun Violence
Fact Sheet #2 – Youth Employment in California
Fact Sheet #3 – After-School Programs
Fact Sheet #4 – Crime Prevention Act

Media & Policy Advocacy

California Youth Violence Prevention Scorecard
California’s 15 largest counties were graded on health and safety measures for youth and communities, calling for increased resources for violence prevention. The Choices for Youth scorecard was released in a series of regional press conferences, and resulted in 37 newspaper articles, 25 television stories and 21 radio stories. In addition to online downloads, the report was distributed to 15,000 policy makers and community leaders.

Statewide Voter Survey
Choices for Youth: 2002 Voters Survey Fact Sheet summarizing the results of a statewide telephone survey of 1000 registered California voters. The campaign produced annual surveys which were distributed to policy makers, community leaders and the media to demonstrate support for investment in prevention policies and programs.

Regional Forums: Policy Recommendations
Between October 2001 and January 2002 the Choices for Youth campaign held regional forums in San Diego, the Bay Area and the Central Valley which brought together youth, the media, law enforcement, elected officials and community leaders in outlining policy recommendations for state and local adoption.