Preventviolence.org is an archive of materials from public education campaigns funded by The California Wellness Foundation to support their groundbreaking Violence Prevention Initiative. With the goal of reducing access to guns and preventing violence against youth, the campaigns resulted in significant policy changes and, more significantly, saved lives.

Spanning the decade from 1994 to 2004, these award-winning, public education campaigns utilized a number of successful tactics, including television spots, print ads, polling, voter and youth engagement tools, and policy fact sheets. This website was developed to make these materials publicly available for advocates, researchers, foundations, practitioners, and policymakers working to prevent violence.

This resource was underwritten by The California Wellness Foundation and produced by the Foundation’s media partner, i.e. communications, LLC. For more information, email outreach@preventviolence.org.

The California Wellness Foundation
is a private, independent foundation created in 1992, with a mission to improve the health of the people of California by making grants for health promotion, wellness education and disease prevention.

i.e. communications, LLC is a policy advocacy and media consulting firm that works with foundations and nonprofits. Laurie Kappe, founder and president of i.e. communications, is the principal archivist and author of this website. Kappe was part of the original team at Martin & Glantz, which received funding in 1994 from The California Wellness Foundation to launch the historic violence prevention public education campaigns: “Prevent Violence Against Kids” and “Resources for Youth.” In 2000, i.e. communications was awarded subsequent grants for the “Choices for Youth” and “Keeping Youth Safe” public education campaigns. In gathering the archives and writing the content for this website, Kappe worked closely with the Foundation’s communications department led by Magdelana Beltrán-del Olmo and Program Director Julio Marcial, who oversees violence prevention funding. As current consultant to The California Wellness Foundation, i.e. communications provides strategic outreach to promote the work of the Foundation’s grantees, including the awardees of the California Peace Prize.